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For cold hardy palm tree enthusiasts.

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Main thread

Post by seedscanada » Mon Mar 02, 2020 6:18 pm

Let me suggest this be our current, main thread

I know there's not that much action on this forum in a while but it's a good forum and I think that those who read should also write we're up for it.

I'm Adam and was quite active on here 2010 to 2013

We are now gearing up for a move from Southern Ontario to Western Nova Scotia.
There we'll be doing many things including growing a tree farm,
Growing all over vegetables for our family and others
And bringing along my subtropical and cold hardy Palm plants and expertise

we are doing a lot of purging right now and much indoor planting and seed sourcing for those for which we are still looking

Zone pusher7a. Trail runner, marathon racer. Propagator of Yuccas, palms and Pawpaws among others. World traveller. Language collector, lol.
Latitude: 43°11'00.000" N

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