Fruit tree cuttings ?

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Fruit tree cuttings ?

Post by canadianplant » Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:46 am

I am looking for some cuttings from some fruit trees. Im hoping for some eurpean plum, apricot, pear and reliance peach cuttings for some grafting experimens. I also wouldnt mind some apple cuttings, if they arent spartain, and are a mid late, to late flowering variety. I have a honeygold apple tree that could use a pollinator, as well as seedling pear, and apple tree, with obviously unknown characteristics. The pear seedling is from a bosc pear, and the apple seedling is from macintish.

I may be able to get some decent plum cuttings here, but pear is a long shot, and I know for a fact no one here has tried peaches. Apricots are a more then likely no show here as well.

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