New To Great White North Palming

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New To Great White North Palming

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Hello, I am new to year round palm trees outside. Before getting into this hobby I researched it for months. I am very handy so building shelters for my palms will very simple. I plan on having a 4X4 frame around my young palms, foam insulated. With a heat source on a Thermo Cube. I also plan to add a UV tinted poly window with ventilation for the hot days in our crazy Toronto winters. I am in zone 6b. I have purchased 2 Chinese Fan palms, 1 Bismarckia, 1 Banana Tree and 1 Elephant Ear plant.
If anyone has used heating sources please share your experience with me on types, Christmas lights, Electric Heat Cable (used for ice in eaves), Light Bulbs and so on. All low voltage. I also plan to introduce wireless thermometers in the enclosures.
I am aware of keeping the leafy parts from touching the walls of the enclosure, fungicides. As for the Banana tree just cut back and cover. For the Elephant plant cut back, dig out, clean and cut back roots then dry, store in dry cool basement.

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