Grub warms

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Grub warms

Post by Tonyusc »

Hello all. I have had my windmill in the ground for 5 years now with no problems. Today I was removing the mulch from around the tree like I do every year befor I put straw around it for the winter and there was about 10 big grub warm in the soil. I pulled out what I could see but I'm sure there is more. I know what theses things could do to grass will they harm my palm if so could I put something down to kill them or will putting something down hurt the palm. Thanks for any help.

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that's a fine looking tree. nice growing job. don't have an answer on the grub thing, although, I use spectracide granular bug killer (grub killer) on my yard a couple of times each summer and it surely gets on and near my in ground palm roots and have never had a problem. just don't over treat and you should be fine.
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